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City Services

  Provides City of Alexandria with these services  
Water Finance Officer 239-4764
Sewer Finance Officer 239-4764
Garbage Finance Officer/Addy Disposal 239-4764
Electricity Xcel Energy 1-800-895-4999
Gas Northwestern Energy 1-800-245-6977
Phone Triotel Communications, Inc. 425-2238
Cable Triotel Communications, Inc. 425-2238
Mail delivery  Post Office Box/Some RR boxes  239-4592

The City of Alexandria has a drop box outside its building at 421 Main Street you may use it to pay your water, sewer and garbage bill.

Triotel Communications, Inc.  has a drop box next to Hoffmann Insurance Agency.
Click Here to download the Request for City Services.  Click Here to download the 2nd page needed for Water, Sewer and Garbage.